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AGI Technology Training offers short-term classes in a variety of office-related careers. They may include training in Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook or QuickBooks. Check the programs in our catalog to view the program contents. Your admissions counselor will discuss the program and contents of the program with you.

Property Management

Medical Front Office

Computer Office Automation

Computer Office Automation
 On-Line Distance Education

If your interest lies in the computer technology area consider the following programs:

CISCO Certification CCNA Network Associate Overview

CISCO Certification CCNP Professional Overview

PC Repair/A+ Certification Overview

All of these programs require re-certification every three years.

For a quick Overview of our programs see the course Overview syllabus.

Medical Front Office (MFO) Overview

Property Management (PM) Overview

Computer Office Operations (COA) Overview

Computer Office Automation (COA) On-Line Distance Education Overview